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Guest House and Hotel Insurance Quotation Form

For a cheap guest house, bed & breakfast or hotel insurance quotation simply complete the quotation form below. Alternatively, please contact our office on 01288 353999 where we will be more than pleased to assist over the phone.

Guest House Insurance Quotation Form - Please Complete.

Proposer and Property Details
Proposer's full name:
Proposer's date of birth:
Joint Proposer's full name (If Applicable):
Joint proposer's date of birth:
Trading name:
Company Status:
Is the business:
What is your estimated turnover (gross profit) for the next 12 months?:
Is the business licensed (i.e. sells/serves alcohol): Yes No
Date business established:
When did you start trading from this address?:
Do you have a frying range:
Risk address to be insured:
(N.B. We are unable to insure property's in Northern Ireland):
Risk address postcode:
Total number of bedrooms, including own:
Total number of these bedrooms which are, let out:
Total number of guests you can take at one time:
Are any rooms let on a self catering basis?: Yes No
If YES, please advise how many are let for self catering?:
Do you have a restaurant area with tables for guests?: Yes No
If YES, state seating capacity:
If YES, is the restaurant open to the public, or residents only?:
Do the premises have a bar open to the public?: Yes No
Do the premises have any leisure facilities e.g. swimming pool, jacuzzi/hot tub, sauna or gymnasium?: Yes No
Do the premises have an ATM or any gaming machines? Yes No
If YES, which amenities do you have and are they available to guests:
Do the premises have a passenger lift?: Yes No
If YES, is it regularly inspected and maintained?: Yes No
Have you entered into any specific contracts to provide accommodation for DSS, Students or Asylum Seekers,  (e.g. with the local authority or DSS)?: Yes No
Do you provide any entertainment or host private functions, weddings or partys (e.g. discos, dancing, live music)?: Yes No
Do you organise any sporting or other special events either at or away from the premises?: Yes No
Do you provide outside catering away from the premises?: Yes No
If YES, specify type of entertainment provided, functions or sporting/special events hosted, how often they occur and what percentage of the business comes from these activities:
Are the premises partially or fully closed during any part of the year? Yes No
If YES, state usual periods of closure:
And If YES, is there any adult in accommodation during these periods?: Yes No
Do you have any employees, whether full or part time? Yes No
If Yes, how many employees do you have?:
And If Yes, what wages are paid out per annum?:
Are the premises located on a working farm?: Yes  No
Do the premises have a bouncy castle?: Yes  No
Are you a Member of 'Cumbria Tourism'?: Yes  No
General Questions
Has the Insured or any director or partner been declared bankrupt, insolvent, gone in to administration or liquidation, been convicted of or has any prosecution pending for arson, criminal offence or any offence involving dishonesty of any kind in this or any other business or company or subject of a County Court Judgement (CCJ)?: Yes No
Has any previous insurer declined a proposal, refused to renew a policy or imposed any special terms or conditions?: Yes No
Has the Insured, director or partner made any type of claim on any property or business policy (e.g. storm damage, theft, escape of water, public liability) within the last 5 years?: Yes No
Are the premises in an area which is exposed to damage by storm, flood, subsidence, heave or landslip, or near a river, sea, watercourse, cliff or quarry?: Yes No
Is there a children's play area at the premises or does the premises have any children's play equipment?: Yes No
Is there a safe at the premises?: Yes No
Is the property situated within 400 metres of a river, stream, watercourse, lake, canal, sea, cliff or quarry, or in a flood or subsidence risk area?:   Yes No
Is any accommodation at the property let to DSS, students or asylum seekers?: Yes No
If the answer is 'Yes' to any of the above, please provide full details here:
About The Property
What is the construction of the property - Walls?:
What is the construction of the property - Roof?:
What percentage of the roof is flat?:
Is the property occupied by yourselves or manager overnight?: Yes No
Heated by low pressure hot water apparatus, fixed gas appliances or fixed electrical appliances with no portable heating?: Yes No
If you have answered 'No' to any of the above, Please give full details here:   

How far is the property from the nearest fire station?:

Year property was originally built?:
Is the property a listed building?:
Does the property have a basement?: Yes No
Number of storeys (i.e. ground floor being 1 storey)?:
What are the floors constructed of (inc the upstairs)?:
Do you have solar panels fitted to the property?, if yes please confirm the value of the panels and where they are fitted to:

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Is Buildings cover required?: Yes No
If YES, sum insured/rebuilding cost of your property (including your outbuildings):
Is Business Contents cover required?: Yes No
Total Business Contents (excluding items below):
Stock In Trade:
Refrigerated Stock:
Cigarettes, Cigars and Tobacco:
Wines and Spirits:
Do You Require Business Legal Expenses Cover?: Yes No
Is your own Private Contents required at the premises?: Yes No
If YES: your Private Contents sums insured:
Do you require cover for Private Portable Contents whilst taken away from the home (e.g. jewellery, cameras, video cameras, sports equipment etc)?. If Yes state maximum total value taken away at any one time?:
If you have any Private Contents taken outside the home individually valued over 1,000, please list items here and their current value?:
General Details
Your Renewal or Start date: 
Your current insurers:
Your Renewal or Target premium:
Contact name:
Email address: 
Telephone number: 
Correspondence address (if different from risk address):

Do you have a website for your guest house:

Where did you hear about our company:


Please now submit the guest house or hotel insurance quotation form through to our office so we can arrange your quote. We will come back to you as soon as possible.




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