Remembering Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on Monday 19 September

Over the weekend it was announced the UK will have a national bank holiday on Monday 19 September 2022, the date of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral.

Hodgson Insurance Services will observe this bank holiday to allow our colleagues to pay their respects to the Queen and commemorate her life and reign.

What does this mean for you?

In the same way as any other bank holiday, our office will not be open so you will not be able to contact us on this day.

If you have a guest house policy that is due for renewal on Monday 19th September please note it will not renew automatically, please let us know your intentions by Friday 16th September to avoid you being left without insurance. We will be open Saturday morning 17th, 9am – 12pm, however if it’s for anything that needs referring to an insurance company we would be unable to cover until Tuesday 20th, including any changes to an existing guest house insurance policy.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 01288 353999 or pop in to our office before Saturday.

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